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MoCo’s NFC solution brings multiple benefits to security and facilities management  business


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Beacon Services is a supplier of security and facilities management services. Based in Burgess Hill, West Sussex, the company has provided high levels of customer service for over 20 years, with an excellent reputation for reliability, trustworthiness, flexibility, communication and personal service. Customers include CAE Training & Services, Hickstead, Endomol and a number of local authorities including Brighton and Hove City Council and West Sussex County Council. 

For several years, Beacon had used an interactive monitoring system which had turned out to be too complex for operational staff to use. Supervisors could not justify the amount of time spent first on training, then persuading operators to use it. The problem was amplified by the system’s website, which was slow to monitor and download data, and so complex that managers were reluctant to use it. This resulted in it being used less and less, and only when absolutely necessary.

Always committed to adopting innovative solutions across the business to help to maintain excellent service delivery, Beacon had been aware of the benefits of Near Field Communications for some time. When seeking a replacement for its existing, antiquated system, the key requirements were ease of use by operational staff and simplicity of software for supervisors. When MoCo announced its Touch solution, Beacon grasped the opportunity to implement it. Managing Director Matthew Robinson recalls “This was actually the revolution we had been looking for originally.”


The MoCo system was evaluated, purchased and rolled out immediately across the business. Beacon places RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) tags at strategic locations around customers’ premises. The company’s operatives touch their NFC-enabled Nokia phone handsets against or near the tags, sending information to a server to confirm the presence of a specific operative at a specific location, at a specific time. The system is used principally to monitor patrols and service delivery in the areas of manned guarding and cleaning.

Touch also enables full compliance with Duty of Care for Lone Workers legislation through constant monitoring and a built-in duress alarm facility. By simply touching their phone to a tag on their person, lone workers can alert the server in case of distress. An alert can also be raised if the phone is not tagged within a certain time-frame.


Touch has been found to be very easy to use, especially for operational staff in the field. This, together with the simplicity of the software’s monitoring and reporting, has resulted in reduced training time and enhanced service delivery. Unlike the previous solution, there is no hesitation in using the MoCo system. Matthew Robinson says: “Staff just say “no problem” when they find out there’s MoCo on the site.”

He adds “Using MoCo has actually meant that we have won contracts over our competitors. Many customers are price sensitive, especially in the current difficult times, but by using Touch we add value to our service.”

About MoCo’s customer service, Matthew comments “The team at MoCo have been amazing. They listen to our needs as a customer and respond every time – we couldn’t ask any more. I’ll be happy to talk to any prospective customers on their behalf.” 

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