Using the System

Touch offers the following functionality ...

Shift Manager

Demonstrate to your clients that you are keeping up with those stringent SLA's by defining visits and tasks that must be carried out.  You can also define how regularly they must be visited and keep tabs on anything that has been missed with a non-attendance report.

Activities within the shift can also be graphically presented in a single screen, which you could project on a wall or show on a big screen, and you can instantly see what activity is due, and when any activity has been missed.

Ideal for supervisors employed to monitor shifts.

  • Action lists, alerts, and shifts can all be set up quickly and easily by a manager.
  • Need to send a message? This will be done instantly and delivered as soon as the guard touches the location tag that it is associated with. And the system will tell you exactly when it was delivered, and what time it was read.

Action Lists

Ask questions, or instruct specific end-users (or all of them) to carry out certain tasks at specific, or all, locations.

  • Mobile users can respond to questions with yes/no tick boxes or free text forms.
  • Need them to take a photo? No problem, and it will be time and date stamped against that person and location.
  • Need them to call a number that the management module defines? Fine, and the time of the call will be recorded and associated again with the end-user and location.
  • Messages can also be sent in real time, with separate reports on the time the message was sent, delivered and read.


Concerned that a particularly important visit might get missed?

  • Set up an alert associated with a particular location, that it must be visited by a certain person (or anyone) and at a particular time (with a variance defined by the manager), and the management module will alert you by email or sms if this does not happen.

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How Much?

Near Field Communication

Buy Touch for as little as 65p per day, per device licence.  With unlimited end-user access, no setup charges and no maintenance charges... this is all inclusive.

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Case Study

Cobra Security kicks out the "Pipe" for Touch and saves 14 hours per week, or over £10k per annum, in driver, fuel and administration costs aloneLearn more