Querying and Reporting

Transactions, or "swipes", are delivered in real time (virtually instantly) to the management reporting module. Reports can be viewed by administrators or managers of the system, but it is also very quick and easy to set your customers up with access. Simply enter their name as a new user, put them in the customers group, and assign the locations they need to see. When they log in, all they will see is the reports tab, and the reports from their assigned locations.

When you or your customer logs into the reports section of the module from your web-browser, you will see the following reports are available...


A report showing any and all "swipe" activity recorded on the system. Can be filtered by date and mobile user.

Clock-in Out

A report filtered to only show activity from tags that are associated with people. In other words, clock-in, clock-out activity. Can be filtered by date and any user of the system.


A quick way of viewing when any mobile user has logged into the mobile phone application. Can be filtered by date and user.


A report filtered to show any "swipe" activity from tags that are associated with locations. In other words, any clock-in or out activity, or swipes against unassigned tags or assets would not be shown in here. Can be further filtered down by user; check-point; site or location.

If there are action list responses associated with "swipes" in this report, they can be viewed by clicking a link which brings up a new screen containing only the responses from that location. Photographs and calls made can be viewed from here.

 Action-list Responses

A report filtered to show only responses to any action lists that have been set up by managers. Photographs taken and records of phone calls made from action lists will be immediately accessible in here.

Unassigned Activity

Filters any activity associated with tags that have not yet been assigned to "checkpoints", people or assets. Can be further filtered by date and mobile user.

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