Alarm Monitoring

In partnership with Gallinet Monitoring and PeopleHoursTM, Mobilize Touch can now offer 24/7 peace of mind that your sites have been attended, and that your staff are active. If not, you will receive a call from one of Gallinet's control room operators.  All alarms are subject to a process of escalation which you agree as part of your contractual SLA's, and the outcomes of this process are recorded in their entirety.

Diagram showing intergation of MoCo Touch with People HoursIn partnership with industry leading monitoring company Gallinet, and using their PeopleHoursTM rostering and workforce management solution, Mobilize Touch is now able to give you total peace of mind that your end customers’ sites and service users are being visited.

This is because as soon as a site is not attended by a rostered member of staff, an alert will be generated by Mobilize Touch which is instantly passed to Gallinet’s PeopleHoursTM monitoring system.  So their 24/7 monitoring service will be made aware, and Gallinet will then instigate the process of escalation that you have agreed with them.

Each and every step of the escalation process is recorded by Gallinet within PeopleHoursTM, meaning that you have a complete audit trail which is available in real-time from wherever you have an internet connection.

But you also have the peace of mind to know that if a staff member is not active on-site, and has missed as much as a single checkpoint on a pre-defined “tour”, that the staff member in question and/or you will be getting a phone call to point this fact out.

Your risk of exposure to the The Corporate Manslaughter and Corporate Homicide Act 2007 will also be reduced as we have the capability to manage “check-calls” within Mobilize Touch by simply selecting a menu item on the phone screen.  So no phone call is made just another data packet is sent over GPRS.

Check calls are required by many British Standards (BS: 7499 for example) and are simply “calls” that an end-user has to make in order to prove that they are alive, safe and well.  If they are not, or if they do not make the call, then an escalation procedure is implemented.

Very soon, NFC mobile phones (for more information about the significance of Near Field Communications, or NFC, please follow this link) will also be available with in-built lone-worker capability so that an alert will automatically be sent as soon as a panic button is pushed, or if the phone senses that the phone user is “down” and inactive.

Gallinet has been providing specialist outsourced control room monitoring services to multi-thousand employee corporations, small to medium business and individuals alike for many years using its team of professional controllers who all boast many years of industry experience.

Using it's fully featured scheduling, staff management and monitoring application PeopleHours™ as either a stand-alone or fully managed solution, now integrated with our own Mobilize Touch solution.

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