How It Works

MoCo Touch uses Near Field Communications (NFC) phones, which read RFID tags, the same technology used in the Oyster Card system on the London Underground.

It simple to set-up and use:

  • RFID tags are securely mounted to virtually any surface
  • NFC enabled phone is 'touched' on the tag
  • the unique ID number of the tag is registered by the phone
  • details are sent to the server
  • server is able to communicate messages/instructions back to the phone
  • all in real-time

Increase efficiency Make staff more accountable

How Much?

Near Field Communication

Buy Touch for as little as 65p per day, per device licence.  With unlimited end-user access, no setup charges and no maintenance charges... this is all inclusive.

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Case Study

Cobra Security kicks out the "Pipe" for Touch and saves 14 hours per week, or over £10k per annum, in driver, fuel and administration costs aloneLearn more