The Security Sector in Perspective

8th August 2012

This report, compiled by Professor Martin Gill and Charlotte Howell of Perpetuity Research and Consultancy International (PRCI) Ltd, is one of the most extensive surveys investigating perceptions of the private security industry in the UK that has ever been undertaken.  

Based on three surveys of 3 very separate groups, namely security buyers, security suppliers and security operatives, it reveals what these groups think of themselves and each other in the context of the whole security "mix", and will serve to provoke a lively debate on what security services in the UK should look like in the UK.  Not an insignificant debate, especially after the G4S Olympics debacle.

A significant finding is that the private security sector needs to demonstrate more evidence around its effectiveness and overall value for money.  This is especially significant when analysed in the context of one of the report's other major findings, which was that security services are often felt to be a "grudge purchase" by organisations, thereby making the security buyer's job harder in terms of securing budgets for security services.

The whole report can be downloaded here by clicking on this link.

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