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The MoCo Touch Partner Program

The MoCo Touch Partner Program offers Software vendors, mobile phone dealers and security industry technology suppliers the opportunity to generate a new stream of revenue offering our Cloud driven application as part of their portfolio.

Companies are already interested in the benefits mobile technologies offer to streamline their field based operations, but many don't have the time, staff, or expertise to fully implement best practice, creating a natural vacuum for trusted technology suppliers and advisors to fill. Already many partners are successfully bringing Touch to the attention of small and large businesses worldwide.

The benefits

As a MoCo Touch Partner, will provide you with:

  • Partner support
  • Marketing programs and collateral
  • Advance notice of new features
  • Ability to influence product development

Our Partners are typically forward thinking companies who understand the future of cloud computing and mobile technology. They understand there's a revolution happening in business driven by the opportunities mobile and cloud technologies can offer.

And all Authorised MoCo Touch Partners will earn a continuous revenue share for as long as customers use the service.

To be considered a MoCo Touch partner just complete the form below and we will quickly come back to you with details of how to secure your approved partner code, a simple process that will take you no time at all.

Privacy policy
Please note that your details will not be passed on to any third parties and will only be used by Moco Touch to contact you with regards to your particular enquiry.

How Much?

Near Field Communication

Buy Touch for as little as 65p per day, per device licence.  With unlimited end-user access, no setup charges and no maintenance charges... this is all inclusive.

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Case Study

Cobra Security kicks out the "Pipe" for Touch and saves 14 hours per week, or over £10k per annum, in driver, fuel and administration costs aloneLearn more