Security Guarding

MoCo Touch is an innovative, easy-to-use security guard tracking solution that is in great demand within the industry for security monitoring and proof of attendance. We believe this is for three main reasons:

  • Security buyers are becoming ever more demanding in terms of the services provided to them by the security sector, mostly because they are increasingly aware of the benefits that technology can bring.
  • The Corporate Manslaughter and Corporate Homicide Act 2007 (the whole act can be viewed at the downloads section) means that employers have an increasingly important duty of care obligation in terms of the safety and well-being of their staff, especially lone workers.
  • The Private Security Industry Act 2001 changed the landscape in terms of the provision of security services in the UK. The Security Industry Authority was created as a result of this legislation.  The SIA's two main duties are:
    • To manage the voluntary Approved Contract Scheme; and
    • The compulsory licensing of individuals undertaking certain designated activities

The ability to prove guard attendance is a significant requirement of this scheme, if this can be done in real time, via non-paper-based methods, this increases the likelihood of you becoming an approved contractor.

And how much longer will the approved contractor scheme remain voluntary? 

How Does Touch Compare to Other Security Solutions?

To help you decide how MoCo Touch can increase security efficiency we have provided pages dedicated to comparing MoCo Touch to alternative solutions:

MoCo Touch vs Traditional Security

MoCo Touch vs "Pipes"

MoCo vs Application Based Software

MoCo Touch vs Web-based Solutions

In Detail - Setup, Operation & Reporting

How Much?

Near Field Communication

Buy Touch for as little as 65p per day, per device licence.  With unlimited end-user access, no setup charges and no maintenance charges... this is all inclusive.

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Case Study

Cobra Security kicks out the "Pipe" for Touch and saves 14 hours per week, or over £10k per annum, in driver, fuel and administration costs aloneLearn more