Setting Up Tags

Setting up tags couldn't be easier, simply touch the phone on a tag and the phone will tell you if the tag has been previously assigned or not.

Then bring up the menu, select "Assign Tag", and the phone asks you to give the tag a short name. This just needs to be enough so that a manager can identify it when they log into the management module.

Touch the tag when that is done, and the phone picks up and sends the unique RFID identifier back to the system and the tag is registered.

At this point the tag is still not assigned to a check-point, person or asset, but if someone needs to start swiping these unassigned tags they will still be recorded in the system against an "unassigned tag" with the short-name assigned by the mobile end-user.

When a manager goes into the management module, a list of unassigned tags can be quickly and easily accessed. At that point the manager can assign them to people (for clock-in, clock-out purposes), assets (for example, for key-holding purposes), or locations (for checkpoint purposes).

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