MoCo Touch vs Other Web Solutions

From our research, MoCo believes there to be relatively few web-based patrol management solutions currently available. Although this is likely to change, we believe there to be several points of differentiation between our product and others on the market.

Typically, it appears that the level of functionality that you are likely to be offered as part of a basic package will not be as great as that offered by Touch. For example, menu-driven functionality such as the ability to report incidents, take photographs and log them on the system, or send messages and instructions to mobile users and locations is not included with most entry-level products.

For whatever reason, such systems also appear to be priced on a typical software based model, so customers will probably be asked to pay for some or all of the following...

  • A database setup charge;
  • Provision of training or access to on-line training (CBT or "e-learning");
  • A chargeable site visit in order to set up the solution behind your firewall; 
  • Tags will probably be charged extra at around £2 each, some even specifiy a minimum order quantity of say 50 units;
  • "Seat" licences, namely the number of people that wish to access the system via a web-browser;
  • "Device" or "mobile user" licences will probably be charged up-front.

MoCo believes that Touch will typically work out around 10-20% cheaper (including airtime) than any other web-based solution on the market, with the following additional benefits... 

  • NFC handsets are included with the provision of airtime, meaning the whole solution will be provided and supported by MoCo with access to an Account Manager and our Business Customer Service desk;
  • Unlimited mobile user, manager and customer licences are provided with a single device licence, as are 20 RFID tags of your choice (paper, durable etc) and a half-day of training;
  • You will have access to the complete functionality of the MoCo Touch product, as demonstrated within this web-site.

Buy MoCo Touch if...

Budget is an issue but you also need the ability for security staff to take photographs, or receive specific instructions as part of their patrols. To use an analogy, comparing MoCo Touch to most other products is like comparing a well known brand headache tablet to a lesser known brand – both are on the supermarket shelf but the more established brand costs a lot more. The reality is that both have very similar ingredients and so get the same results, but one is better value. MoCo Touch is the sensible option.

Buy another web-based solution if...

Budget isn’t an issue. Some other companies have been operating within the security sector for longer than MoCo Touch, and you may consider it worthwhile to spend more money on something that has been around for longer. But do remember that MoCo has been providing mobile phone solutions for over 25 years.

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How Much?

Near Field Communication

Buy Touch for as little as 65p per day, per device licence.  With unlimited end-user access, no setup charges and no maintenance charges... this is all inclusive.

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Case Study

Cobra Security kicks out the "Pipe" for Touch and saves 14 hours per week, or over £10k per annum, in driver, fuel and administration costs aloneLearn more