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Touch has a wealth of business applications across a multitude of sectors.  The articles and resources below provide information that we hope you will find to be useful, but may also help you to think of some instances where it may be of use to you.

Time & Attendance Tracking

If a company has a vested interest in ensuring that staff are carrying out specific tasks at certain places, it is likely that they will have been using some form of time & attendance solution to track attendance for some time.

But just how confident can any company be that they are in fact proving attendance, in the truest sense of the word?   

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Security Time & Attendance Monitoring

Monitoring time & attendance of a security guard is a subject that shouldn’t really be necessary to cover.  After all, if a security company has been contracted to supply security guarding services to a client then, in theory, those services should be provided in an effective manner.  And in most cases, they are.

But what about the exceptions?  Could the time & attendance monitoring of security staff become the difference between keeping and losing a client?  Or could security monitoring become a key factor in winning new business?  Perhaps more important than anything else – what about the safety of security staff?

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Near Field Communications (NFC)

The technology that is NFC, or Near Field Communications, has provided something of a leap forward in the provision of time and attendance solutions.

The most famous application of the technology in the UK is the Oyster card, which gives a hint to its wider application.

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MoCo Touch is of course not the only NFC-based time and attendance solution on the market. All having their pluses and minuses and you can see the comparisons on the page why use moco touch?

Guard Touring Software

What do you think of when you hear the term “guard touring software”?  If you work in the security industry, it is likely that a large, heavy, rugged device, often referred to as a “Pipe” or a “Deister” will jump into your head.  You know, the kind of thing that would appear equally at home being used as a truncheon as it would be for swiping RFID tags!

If you are using one of these devices for your guard touring right now, you may wish to ponder over the following questions...

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The Security Industry Authority (SIA)

The SIA currently regulates the UK security industry.  Although there has been much talk in the press and within the industry lately of the role and very existence of this government body, what is now clear is that the UK market will continue to be regulated in a similar way to how the SIA does currently, but under a different guise.

This short article gives a quick overview of the SIA's current responsibilities, together with some useful links out to some other useful sources of information. 

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Near Field Communication

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Case Study

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