Near Field Communications

The technology that is NFC, or Near Field Communications, has provided something of a leap forward in the provision of time and attendance solutions.

The most famous application of the technology in the UK is the Oyster card, which gives a hint to its wider application. NFC is the precursor to being able to make payments on the high street using your mobile phone. This technology is here to stay, with the market likely to be flooded with NFC-enabled devices by 2012.

In the security market, NFC technology enables an RFID tag to be read by a mobile phone, which creates many benefits for security companies. In the security industry, most Pipe technology already reads RFID tags and NFC is simply a logical extension of it. The difference is that NFC enables the use of the mobile network (GSM/GPRS/3G) to transmit “swipes” immediately to a central server, without the need for an unreliable Bluetooth connection. Moreover, because the mobile phone has a screen, a processor and a camera, it means that other tasks such as exchanging messages, instructions and photographs can be done quickly and in real-time, all time and date stamped against a location.

From the perspective of the security company, the ability to use a mobile phone (currently, the NFC phone of choice is the Nokia 6212) in combination with innovative software (MoCo Touch), is a major step forwards because it enables:

  • Real-time recording and historical audit of security movements and actions taken
  • The ability for security staff to be contacted with instructions, via the NFC phone they are using

There are many other magazines and resources available for to conduct further research on NFC or contactless technology, as it is also referred to, such as...

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    Near Field Communication

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